Ziyan Foods Voices on Lou Mei on Ziyan Foods Braised Season on September 17


On September 16, 2018, the "Ziyan Foods Braised Season on September 17" Brand Strategy Press Conference aiming at protecting and promoting the traditional marinating process is held in Onehome Art Hotel in Shanghai.




Han yongqiang, deputy secretary of the party committee of Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Park,Peng jianzhen, secretary general of China chain operation association, Zhong Huaijun, Chairman of Shanghai Ziyan Foods Co., Ltd., Ge Wuchao, President of Shanghai Ziyan Foods Co., Ltd., Zhao Hanli, Vice President of Marketing of Shanghai Ziyan Foods Co., Ltd., Zhou Qingxiang, Vice President of Information of Shanghai Ziyan Foods Co., Ltd., and Cao Pengbo, executive Vice President of Administration of Shanghai Ziyan Foods Co., Ltd., presented at the conference.



Ziyan Foods announces on the conference that the company will take the mission of protecting and promoting the traditional marinating process, and put unremitting effort into the rejuvenation and development of lou mei foods.


据介绍,有着丰富历史文化渊源的卤制工艺,并没有系统的梳理说明和完整的知识体系,为了卤文化得以更好地传扬,紫燕沉下心来,将散落在各年代不同古籍中的卤历史与文化收集整理,最终编撰出从夏商周时期至今4000年历史进程中关于“卤”的整个知识网络。正式发布《世界卤味地图》 、《中国卤味地图》 、《卤的历史》 、《“卤”的字形演变》 、《卤的世界写法》 、《卤的风味》 、《卤的调味》 、《卤的食材》等系列知识。

According to industry insiders, the marinating process, despite its rich history and cultural origins, has not been systematically illustrated, and there is no integrated knowledge system for the industry. In order to better promote and carry on the lou mei culture, Ziyan settles down, collects and collates related information that has been scattered in the ancient books, and finally compiles an integrated knowledge network of lou mei culture dating back to 4,000 years ago, when China was at the Xia, Shang and Zhou Dynasties. Ziyan formally released a series of their compilation on the press conference, which includes World Map of Lou Mei, China Map of Lou Mei, History of Lou Mei, The Graphemic Development of Lou, the International Literary Style of Lou, The Flavor of Lou, The Seasoning of Lou, and the Food Ingredients of Lou.



“We register September 17 as the Ziyan Foods Braised Season, as the day reads in the same pronunciation as “we just gonna eat’ in Chinese. Through launching a festival that every people participates and celebrates, we aim to promote the lou mei culture to every household together with our lou mei foods, and try our best in protecting and promoting the traditional lou mei craftsmanship and culture,” said Zhong Huaijun, Chairman of Board of the Ziyan Foods.



According to the company, this Ziyan Foods Braised Season will take the life back in Shanghai several decades ago as the background, retrospect the lou mei in that era, and deliver to the consumers marinating process and culture in the form of stories and cool knowledge. In the future, Ziyan Foods Braised Season will continue to take the theme of different ages, and try to bring different flavors of lou mei to our friends both in and outside China.


( Brand Center of Ziyan Foods)